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Adventures in YouTube: Krrish, or, It's Batman! It's Superman! No, It's Hrithik! Man!

Let's face it. "From the team that brought you Koi...Mil Gaya" is hardly a recommendation, more like a HazMat warning. There was no way I was gonna give up a cherished Netflix queue spot to this 2006 sequel to KMG, let alone buy it. So I decided not to watch it (oh, gee, how awful, can you feel my regret?) until one day I saw the whole thing uploaded to YouTube, with subtitles! I had nothing better to do so I sat down to watch it.

And... I kinda liked it. My usual tagline for Adventures in YouTube is, "I watched it so you don't have to!" but this was halfway decent, at least better than MPKDH, so I won't do spoilers this time.

Krishna (Hrithik Roshan) lives in the mountains with his grandma (Rekha). His parents (Preity and AlsoHrithik) are dead, as is obvious from their garlanded photos on the wall of their rustic cabin in the mountains of...somewhere, India. Krishna is obviously pretty darn special. We get a glimpse of him as a boy, carrying lumber that would take two ordinary full-grown men to transport. We see him as an adult, leaping tall hills in a single bound, and riding a white stallion! Bareback! Like a Mills & Boone romance cover come to filmi life! Oh, Krishna, you are soooo dreamy. Better than Fabio ANY day.

One of Krishna's friends wants to start an Adventure Tours business. He brings out a group that includes two NRI's from Singapore, Priya (Priyanka Chopra) and her friend and co-worker, Honey (Manini M. Mishra). They're television journalists but on this tour they're doing stuff like parachuting and rapelling. When Priya gets in trouble doing the former, Krishna saves her life. In order to prevent her asking awkward questions about his superpowers, he gets his friend Bahadur to spread the story that he's a ghost who died of tragic love. Um, yeah, that'll keep those nosy journalists from investigating! Good one, Krishna!

Krishna's way interested in Priya, since she's the first (hot) girl he's seen outside of his village's population. He gets Bahadur to set up a meeting on the grounds that her presence will help his spirit find rest. Honey proves her character:

Eventually, the whole tour finds out Krishna has superpowers. They are sworn to secrecy and Priya and Krishna hang out. He falls hard for her, no surprise there considering his sheltered upbringing. Her feelings remain pretty ambiguous.

Eventually, the tour leaves, with Hrithik crying his goodbyes. We get a zoom-in on his tears that turns into Singapore.

When Honey and Priya get back to their place of work, their boss wants to fire them for taking off more time than they applied for. Honey thinks fast and promises her boss the story of a lifetime.

Priya's main objection seems to stem from, not breaking their oath of secrecy but the difficulty of getting Krishna to come all the way to Singapore from his remote village.

She calls Krishna and tells him she wants him to meet her mom. At this point I really started to dislike her. Krishna applies to his grandma for permission to go, but she refuses. He argues, accusing her of wanting to trap him for all his life, lonely and staring at her face. She tells him the sad tale of his parents' demise. His dad was called to Singapore to work for this guy:

Yesssss! It's Naseeruddin Shah! And he wants AlsoHrithik to build a computer to see into the future! AlsoHrithik, with his alien-gifted superpowers, finishes the task just in time for his maa to call him and let him know his baby is about to be born. But AlsoHrithik is stressed out:

Later, Grandma found out he was dead. Krishna's mom died from the shock (wow, guess "shock" is Bollywood for "pre-existing heart condition" or something). Rekha moved them both to keep them safe from exploiters.

Well, Krishna ends up going to Singapore anyway, because true love makes you selfish, very selfish. Or at least that's what I've learned from romance novels. Priya and Honey come to pick him up, but run into some problems when Honey parks too close to two other cars to get out. I guess her "reverse" gear is broken also. They can't get out of the car!

Will Priya be forced to turn to cannabalism to survive? Will Krishna fly from the airport, discovering a new superpower on the way? Will Grandma be able to live off of hunting and gathering without SuperGrandson around to take care of her? What about the evil scientist? You'll have to watch the movie to find out, cuz I'm not wasting any more time making screencaps of the YouTube upload.

The movie itself, as I said, is decent. The cinematography is great, and Hrithik looks good with longish hair and in some sort of raggedy rustic outfit. Bahut fine! And he does a good job acting in his sort-of dual roles. I hated Priya. Thought she was an opportunistic jerk who took way too long to start caring about Krishna instead of her own ass. I kept on muttering "Stupid 'ho" as I'd click on the next segment. The special effects are pretty good, I'd say on the level of TV's "Heroes." I liked seeing Singapore, how fun! I can't remember much about the music, which I guess tells its own tale.

It's not worth buying, in my opinion, but it's worth a watch. Here's my favorite song from the film, "Koi Tumsa Nahin" with my favorite playback singer Sonu Nigam! Yay! (Warning: it opens with a bit of a spoiler but doesn't give away the end of the movie or anything.)


  1. I was soooo disappointed in Krrish. It's not the fact it's a sequeal to Koi Mil Gaya, which I loved. All the trailers I saw for Krrish made it seem it was a super hero type of movie but it wasn't at all. I was expecting more fights and action from Krrish. I don't think the fight scenes are that great either. I may be biase since I'm a huge martial arts fan. I should've kept my expectation low since I love Hong Kong films too. What I don't like about Bollywood movies are the slow motions for fight scenes, one or two is fine but it seems to be a lot in Krrish.

    Priyanka was very annoying to me in the movie. I wasn't convinced with Krrish and Priya's love either.

    I thought the movie dragged too much, especially in the first half.

  2. Nicki, when I was re-reading before posting, I realized I hadn't mentioned anything about the superhero angle except in my title! But, you know, it does take so stinking long for that plotline to get introduced that I ended up not being able to touch on it without treading in spoiler-y waters. The first half was boring; there was way too much time spent on the stupid tour, and since when does a TV journalist believe in a ghost story without any sort of incredulity? Oh well. Maybe the sequel will be more fun. This one was still okay, though. At any rate I didn't detest it on the level of KMG.

  3. On a scale of Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon to 10 of Hritik movies, I felt this one fell below MPKDH! I think it was mostly because I didnt much care for his appearance *drowning in my own shallownes*. That long hair and the dhoti just doesnt appeal. It doesnt help that the story is meant for even younger kids than KMG's target audience!Judging by its box-office success though, it appears that Nicki and I are in a minority.

  4. Really, bollyviewer? Below MPKDH? Man, I didn't think it was that bad, and there's no way he could look worse than he did in KMG! LOL I really thought it was better than KMG, and the production values were way better. I didn't love it or anything, more like I considered it passable. :-)

  5. I havent yet seen Krissh- just cant bring myself to do it. Having read ur review, I'll use it as an excuse to push it further away...:D heeh

  6. Shweta, you won't be missing much if you choose not to watch it. Still, I'd rate it above MPKDH and KMG, with some really beautiful picturizations, so you might find it worth a rental someday. :-)

  7. Guess I am more forgiving of romances than superheros. Can endure a bad romance but have rather low tolerance for special effects especially when combined with a bad story - hence my reluctant preference for MPKDH!

  8. LOL I can understand being more forgiving of a love story. After all, superheroes are dependent on their special effects for their success, whereas some good HrithiKareena chemistry can partially redeem even MPKDH.

  9. I am a much bigger fan of Hrithik's dad (Rakesh Roshan) and just never warmed up to any of his movies really - save 'Mission Kashmir'. Add to the fact that when I do watch one of his movies, I end up in this morbid game of 'see how well they disguise the 6th finger in this scene' ;)

    Based on your lovely review I actually feel I have seen the movie and like Shweta said I am now less inclined to see it. Also I don't think my heart could bear seeing Rekha playing a gramma! But this movie does have a lovely song that is actually one of my favorite songs now - 'Chori Chori Chupke Chupke' - love love love it.

  10. Sanket, I am a big Hrithik fangirl but he is usually better than the movies in which he stars. And I *totally* understand about the sixth finger thing. As far as I can tell they've given up on disguising it, though. At least they did some, um, nice close-ups on it in KMG and this movie.

    And man was it weird to see Rekha as a grandma! I need to go look up Chori Chori Chupke Chupke now--I've totally forgotten when it even occurred in the movie!

  11. Hirithik got super duper success in superman role.Now Abhishek doing a superman movie named DRONA.Lets see what happen to Abhi.By the way hv u forgot me? NO then why don't u visit my blog.Pls frnd visit my blog otherwise i will lost my blogging interest.

  12. Saheli, I don't hold out high hopes for Drona, although I really am fond of Abhi as an actor. I hope I'm proven wrong, though.

    And--lose blogging interest??? Can't have that! ;-)

  13. Yep-- loved Hrithik, Super!Hrithik, and Also!Hrithik, thought Priya was a 'stupid ho'. XD Maybe we're back to twin-land again. Just not identical. More like fraternal. :p

  14. That works for me. The world can't handle that much duplicate awesome. We need to keep our brands distinct. ;-)


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