Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sunday, or, Thursday, Now! Featuring Miscellaneous Musings

Sunday. Oh, Sunday.

I wanted to like you, Sunday. You have Ayesha Takia and Ajay Devgan. You have Irrfan Khan and Arshad Warsi. You have that chick who played Anjali The Homewrecker in Salaam-e-Ishq playing a non-'ho this time. You have gratuitous karate jokes that surpass anything Friends ever came up with. You have a masala-ish plot and lots of fun stuff going on. Taken separately, I love all these things.

Except, you're about Rohypnol's illicit use and how a girl almost gets sexually assaulted a number of times and then doesn't remember anything about it. Oh yeah, and somehow gets mixed up in a murder.

Don't get me wrong, Sunday. I really liked how Ayesha's character had a cool job as a cartoon dubbist, and how Ajay's character was a corrupt but efficient cop with a slightly naughty level of affection for ice cream. You did a good job with them. Their developing relationship was portrayed quite well, except for that stupid "we're falling in love and trailing dupattas through the ruins!" song in your last third. I liked Ayesha's wide array of friends and I especially liked this one scene when Ajay kicks about twenty guys' asses while never letting go of his ice cream cone. I LOVED what you did with Irrfan as a struggling actor who rides around with Arshad's taxi driver when he's not heading for auditions. And you did have that one song I liked, "Loot Liya," which had me up and dancing.

But...if having my will taken away, being raped, and then not remembering a thing about it, ever, isn't my number one nightmare, it definitely makes the top ten. And I cannot reconcile your overall buoyant, humorous tone with the subject matter. It's utterly freaky. Even with Tusshar Kapoor making a special appearance and Esha Deol doing an item number (weirdly intercut with an auto chase scene) I cannot like you. I can only like the pieces of you, which will not turn me into Jewel nor turn you into a good movie. Fortunately, I only rented you.

Now, moving on to things I actually enjoy: promotional pictures for Kaminey are out! Whoo-hoo! And our boy (okay, okay, I won't speak for the rest of y'all, but duuuuuuude) is looking mighty fine all beat-up and bloody. Also cuddling with Priyanka. Anyone of the opinion that their offscreen "romance" is not cinematic promotion material? Anyway, here's my favorite couple of pics:
See? Very nice.

Also, the PPCC's review of Twilight totally makes this Bolly-related in less than four degrees: Growing Up Cullen slays me, and not with venom. Check this out. And then tell me you can't picture Edward/Rob Pattinson with this hairdo:

You're welcome.


  1. Sunday is a remake of the Telugu film Anukokunda Oka Roju, starring Charmi Kaur and Jagapathi Babu. Granted, I watched only brief snippets of Sunday(because of Ayesha Takia), but I could tell right away that it sucked compared to the original(which I recommend, mainly because I **heart** Charmi :))

  2. OMG, never ever ever did I want to watch Sunday. Thank you for letting me know I did the right thing.

  3. I hadnt even heard of Sunday (yup, I'm clueless about most new movies unless blogland edumacates me!) and from your review it looks like I am well off not knowing!

    Priyanka and Shahid look really good together! Didnt realise he was tall enough to tower over her like that. And goodness, he ROCKS the bruised look (a haircut is mucho required, though)! When's the movie coming?

  4. my my, Shahid looks Wow with the gun. I m looking absolutely fwd to Kaminay.

    Sunday, was a good timepass film for me. It didn't harm much. As far as it had Aayesha there for me. And the chick [Anjana Sukhani] also.
    Irrfan did best job amongst all.

  5. I don't know if you caught my review of Sunday, but I felt the exact same way about the date rape stuff (and the awesomeness of "Loot Liya" and Irrfan). The date rape was taken WAY TOO LIGHTLY!

    Also, I would have liked it a lot better if Ajay Devgan had not been the love interest and she had hooked up with Arshad instead. Ajay would have been great as a villain you didn't know was the villain...

  6. Haven't seen Sunday..the Kaminey stills look amazing! It's red hot on my must watch films of 2009 now!

  7. lapetitediva: Yay, another to add to my Southiewatch list. :-) I really like Ayesha too but this wasn't worth it, but from what you say the original might be worth a look.

    Nicki: You SO did the right thing.

    Bollyviewer: yeah, you're not missing anything. And, er, I'm pretty sure they stood Shahid on a box for that shot. LOL Priyanka's 5'8" and so is he. Or maybe half an inch taller. Personally I like the long hair. :-) The movie's supposed to open 5 June, so hopefully there won't be any delays!

    Darshit: I thought Irrfan was the best part of the movie. And heck yeah, Kaminey looks flippin' awesome!

    Filmi Girl--I hopped over to your blog because I couldn't remember. Now I do; I scrolled really fast to the comments section so I wouldn't catch spoilers because I got the movie in the mail right as you posted. LOL Way too light on the date rape stuff. Way. I was re-writing the thing in my head so that Irrfan turned out to be the villain. I like Ajay in this one!

    Bhargav: It's my #1 expectation for this year; I'm trying to keep it realistic in terms of hopes but... we'll see.

  8. Ajnabi (and Filmi Girl too) - THANK YOU for saying something about problematic non-addressing of things like rape. Horrid. Damaging. NO.

    On a happier note, glad you're excited about Kaminey. It's fun to have stuff to look forward to. I gotta say that look is doing nothing for me whatsoever - the hair especially - but hey, more for you :)

  9. Beth--what do you think of the movie itself? Have you seen the trailer. I'm not getting what it's not doing for you LOL but you're right, more for meeeeeee. ;-)

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  11. Blogger Beth said...

    The first time I ever saw Shahid, someone on my blog said they thought he was trying too hard to be SRK, and I've never been able to shake that impression. (This was in 2005, so obviously he's had much more in his own career since then.) So right here, I'm thinking he looks like bad Raj hair c. 1995 and it makes him look way too young to have such a gigantic owie.

    As for Kaminey, it looks pretty fun (and I love how they did the font), but I don't trust Priyanka with anything. I'm just never pleased with her performances. Also, that song sounds very, very similar to the title from Cash, no?

  12. Yeah, I've seen him get pissed in interviews when people do the SRK comparison thing. Poor guy, he and every other actor will always be compared to the the generation before as "the next" whoever, but really if you follow his career arc it's more like Saif Ali Khan's than SRK's. Raj-hair was its own special mullet brand. Urk.

    I think both the Kaminey song and the Cash song take their inspiration from that one song that was on the Pulp Fiction soundtrack. They do sound similar but in a "Top 40 List at the same time" way more than a "Vishal Ghardwaj just joined the ranks of Pritam" way to me. Of course, I am the very first to admit that I am TOTALLY partial. LOL

  13. I'm not sure if I agree that everyone automatically gets "the next ___" comparison - I haven't heard Abhay Deol or Neil Nitin Mukesh compared to anyone yet - though maybe I just don't read enough news :)

  14. See, my first five movies were SRK movies, from Devdas to KKHH to K3G to Kal Ho Na Ho to... Oh, what was the next one? Main Hoon Na? Shahid and Jab We Met entered right after that. And the comparison just never occurred to me. Then again, "Ishq Vishk" was really similar to KKHH in plot in some ways, so that wouldn't have helped the comparison factor.

    Good point about the next thing. ;-) But I'd say Shahid is trying to be way more mainstream than both those two. Which is fine, since I like the quirky guys too. :-D

  15. Hello,
    Pleased to have landed here!
    I had a private chuckle at realising the effect of yet another dose of star-effect, miss Takia and stud Ajay... well I suppose a good director might have sidestepped the promise of bucks lying ahead of such a casting, but hey, the temptation must have been great... so well, let's hope he got the bucks!

  16. theek hai, I will pass on this one having seen the best it probably offers in the stills you've posted. My my, I concure that Shahid does look quite rogue a little roughed up around the edges. I'm beginning to gain a whole new appreciation for him.

  17. Regarding Shahid and SRK comparisons in the comments above, I never think of that, but instead think of comparing him to his dad, Pankaj Kapoor, who I also really love in movies. I think the Priyanka-Shahid, "Shahidanka" is perhaps real. When I saw the first picture in this link, I thought you may like to see it. I'm sorry he's stepping out on you girl:

    All the best!

  18. Hmm, how did I get three comments and never reply? I suck.

    Yves--yeah, I didn't think Ayesha and Ajay went together very well; it was weird how little they clicked.

    Shell--definitely give it a pass but check out "Loot Liya" on youtube. It's totally fun.

    Sita-ji! I love Pankaj Kapoor too; he was the sole redeeming factor of MPKDH (how on earth did he get pulled into that travesty?).

    As for Priyanka-Shahid, no worries, mate. He's, like, so over his fling with her and is now leaving desperate messages on my voicemail. ;-)


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